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JANTZ Rise and Fall Fixture

JANTZ Integral Folder Fixture

Machine your integral bolster/liner pairs with confidence. The Jantz Integral fixture allows you to machine left and right liners at identical angles for a tight fit and clean lines. Easily adjust angles of your bolster. Superb work holding control with T-slots. Heat treated tool steel cross bars. Standard 3/32” pivot hole can be changed to other sizes. Comes with 3/32" Master pins. Other sizes available. Learn more online at knifemaking.com. Made in USA.

Correct Placement

A great starter fixture for fitting slip joint knives with confidence and precision. Set all 3 planes consistently for only minor adjustments under load. Duplicate the same design over and over with ease. Upgrade to the

Kennedy Slip Joint fixture for advanced slip joint knives. Learn more online at knifemaking.com. Made in USA.

PRICE 129.95

CAT.# JS725


Rise and Fall Fixture

Kennedy Slip Joint Fixture

Perfectly adjust the rise and fall of your slip joint folder blade to make it “walk and talk”. When properly used, the spring will be in perfect height of liners with blade across all three positions. The ingenious spring retracting device allows you to quickly, easily, and safely remove the blade to make adjustments. Dial indicator allows you to set perfect spring tension and amount of material to remove on each axis of the blade for perfect fitting. Simplifies blade fitting to a higher degree of accuracy than rise and fall fixtures. No more guess work. JS510 alignment spacers are 1/2"W x 1-1/4"L x 3/4"H. JS511 alignment spacers are 5/8"W x 1-1/4"L x 3/4"H. The JS512 includes: indicator, adjustable support bracket, arm and hardware. Learn more at www.knifemaking.com. Made in USA.

PRICE 795.00 9.95 9.95 9.95

CAT.# JS700 JS701 JS702 JS703


Integral Fixture 1/16" Master Pins 3/32" Master Pins 1/8" Master Pins

CAT.# JS500 JS510 JS511 JS512



JANTZ Nail Nick Cutter

795.00 49.95 49.95 150.00

Kennedy Slip Joint Fixture 1/2" Alignment Spacers 5/8" Alignment Spacers

JANTZ PDJ Knife Vise

2nd Dial Adjustment

JANTZ Work Holder Fixture

Securely position and orient your projects to make precise adjustments. Base measures 3.900 x 3.900 (3-7/8 x 3-7/8) on both models. Each comes with two clamps and two pins. Clamps are machined off center to allow for maximum adjustments in 1/16” increments; either end of the clamps can be used. Clamps are machined from brass so they can be ground or machined to suit your individual needs. Row holes are alternating threaded and non threaded for screw and pin setting. JS735 offers hole spacing of 3/4 x 3/4 with 5 columns-5 rows. Clamps are 10-32 screws and 3/16” pins JS736 offers hole spacing of 3/4 x 1 with 5 columns-4 rows. Clamps are 1/4-28 screws and 3/16” pins. Learn more online at knifemaking.com. Made in USA.

Used to cut the nail nick in your blade prior to heat treat. Designed for use in milling machines. Blade must be soft when nail nick is cut. Heat treating will then color your nail nick. Shaft is 3/4” diameter. Use cutting oil to aid the cut and run at a slow speed of 80 to 135 RPM. Advance into the blade .001 per rev. Allow free cut on final cut. Depth of cut should be 1/2 thickness of your blade. + .010. Right hand cutter cuts with the blade down. Left hand cutter cuts with the blade up. Shown with the RH cutter. Learn more online at knifemaking.com. Made in USA.

Drill perfect holes every time with the JANTZ Perpendicular Drill Jig (PDJ) Knife Vise. Allows tang or liner to be face up and perpendicular with drill press. Especially useful when drilling textured, uneven handle material. Can also be used to clamp handle to knife while gluing. Learn more online at knifemaking.com. Made in USA.


CAT.# JS744 JS745 JS746 JS747 JS748


89.95 89.95 59.95 29.95 29.95

Nail Nick Jig with RH Cutter Nail Nick Jig with LH Cutter Nail Nick Jig with no Cutter


CAT.# JS735 JS736 JS737 JS738


69.95 69.95 29.95 29.95

25 Hole Fixture & Clamps 20 Hole Fixture & Clamps Set of 2 Clamps & Pins JS735 Set of 2 Clamps & Pins JS736


CAT.# JS750

RH Cutter Only LH Cutter Only



Jantz PDJ Knife Vise




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